SCUBA Refresher Course in Naples, FL


Get your SCUBA re-certification course in Naples, FL! Make sure you are ready for the open water and get recertified TODAY! SCUBA refreshers take roughly 3 hours and are done in a state of the art swimming pool in Naples Florida. Our instructors are SDI trained, meeting or exceeding SCUBA standards & training expectations. You will re-learn emergency techniques to basic mask clearing skills. We currently work with the largest dive shop in Naples, FL.


Going on a big trip? Feeling a bit rusty? Our SCUBA refresher course offers a peace of mind while diving in exciting waters. Knowing you are prepared to take on the open water is key to enjoying your vacation. 


Refresher students can be from any certification agency. It is recommended that you try and discover your old diver card. In some cases, card agencies may not be able to re-issue a card and a full SCUBA class will be necesarry.



Open Water


Dive Charters for our refresher courses are available in select locations. It is not mandatory you chose this route to complete your course. Dive Master/Guide available upon request. Ask for schedule. Prices do not include gear:


Key Largo: $80 [Includes tanks]

Pompano: $65

Gulf: $75-$100

What you need to bring


Dive Card

Log Book

Mask, Snorkel, Fins [Available for purchase & rental]

What we provide


Bouyancy Compensator (BCD)

1st & Second Stage regulators

SCUBA 80cu Tank




Cost is $100 per student for a one-time pool session. 



We look forward to meeting & helping you get back in the water to explore the amazing world of SCUBA! Please contact us if you would like to make a reservation or ask a question.

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