The Naples Spearfishing League was fundamental in lifting the half-century ban on spearfishing in Naples, FL. Spearfishing was illegal in state waters, out to 9 miles, offshore of Collier County. This meant spearing lionfish was illegal offshore of Naples. Bill D'Antuono petitioned the public for reform on this old law designed to curb snook poaching from docks. The petitioned garnered 500 signatures was forwarded to the Commissoners of Collier County and then onto FWC and the State of Florida. Thank you for all your support and since then we have removed many lionfish from state waters of Collier County and the diving community as a whole has more than doubled. 


Check out these resources to make sure you are legal on the water! FWC is out dillegently doing thier job to ensure our fish populations remain healthy for many years to come! 







The #1 fishing regulations app. Location based and will change regulations based upon which body of water you are currently fishing in. HIGHLY recommended you download this APP on your smartphone!



FWC website (listed below) Great resource for fishing regulations. 

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