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The Naples Spearfishing League was started to raise awareness & promote eradication of lionfish in Naples, FL & other Caribbeen waters. NSFL sucessfully championed the change of the spearfishing ban in state waters of Collier County was a historic win for recreational anglers. We host tournaments, lionfish derbies, and spearfishing seminars. Ask about our tournaments! 


We get out Spearfishing as much as possible. Check our Facebook page for updated trip reports and photos SCUBA diving in Naples and Freediving members make up the NSFL. We work closely with SCUBAdventures in Naples so swing by sometime and say hello! If you have any SCUBA or spearfishing needs, SCUBAdventures is the place to go in Southwest Florida. 


Spearfishing was banned in Collier County since the 1950's to prevent anglers from nailing snook from under lights. In early 2013 Mike Damanski caught a lionfish on some natural bottom just offshore infront of the Ritz Carlton Resort near Vanderbilt Beach. That night, NSFL president, Bill D'antuono drafted a petition to lift the spearfishing ban. With the help of the citizens of Southwest Florida and The Naples Daily News he successfully lifted the ban! It was a glorious moment for recreational anglers who simply want to spearfish in Naples. 


Check out our "Articles" section for more information and news clips on this matter. 






Bill D'Antuono holding the signed resolution to lift the 50-year  Collier County spearfishing ban in front of the Collier County Commisioners

Naples Lionfish! on the Santa Lucia artificial reef 5 miles offshore of Gordons pass. Photo courtesy of City of Naples

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